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What is the Cost of Domain Hosting in India?

Creating a website for your business or personal use is a must-have in today’s times. It acts like your online identity and also attracts customers from across the globe. With so many tools available online, creating a site is fairly easy.

First, you need to register your domain name and then host your site. The domain hosting cost could be compared with paying rent, for the space used on the server. You could choose to pay the Web host every month, once a year or even for a few years in advance.

Most companies offer discounts for payments made for a year or more in advance. While the fee in the first year may differ from one organization to another, the range starts at around 400 INR up to 600 INR a month.

There are options of free hosting, but they are often unreliable when it comes to creating a business blog or website. This is because the companies that provide free hosting on their servers may have frequent downtime and very strict terms and conditions that may not suit your business and even lead to the content being blocked or deleted. Thus, domain hosting in India must be through a reliable company.

With Rediffmail Pro you may rest assured that your site or blog’s hosting is secure and experiences little or no downtime. The best part is that once you buy a Rediffmail Pro account with your domain name, you may create a website on our easy-to-use platform absolutely free! Promoting your business online has never been easier!

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