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Still using a free email ID for your business? See what you miss if you don't have professional email addresses like :

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Have you ever thought of what are the most important elements for a small business to be successful? Here is an infographic conveying the success factors of a small business through the essential ingredients of a classy burger -

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Company Data Theft

E-documents are portable by nature and are easy to copy and hence are more prone to theft than traditional paper documents. Data loss prevention is a key concern for any business as several cases came to light in the recent past. Everyone from large enterprises to small business, home users and governments are facing the data theft problem because of external hacking or internal network security. At times leaking of data leads to financial losses for business and customers and can even directly concern with the reputation hamper, non-compliance penalties,breaches of confidentiality,industrial espionage etc.
Data loss or theft can happen because of negligence in either of internal network security or external network security.

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It’s 7 am on Monday morning and you energetically make your way through the rush hour traffic to start the day with an important conference call; when you reach office you realize there is an unscheduled external visitor waiting for you plus you see your strategic team members needing a quick consultation … post successfully juggling all three now you receive a call from your investor for a meeting at their office, and when you are about to leave your senior accountant walks in with an important banker for a quick coffee…

Is juggling meetings and multi-tasking regular for you or does this seem exaggerated?

Smart entrepreneurs opt for tools that help them quickly re-organize their days and plan in a way that will give them space to focus on things that matter to their business the most. For such entrepreneurs, a digital calendar linked with email is a must for their business.

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