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Two errors appear when using Microsoft Outlook, with error codes 0×800CCCOF and 0×8004210A.

The 0×800CCCOF error code indicates that the connection with the mail server was interrupted, and 0×8004210A is the code for a mail server time-out. Both of these error codes indicate that Outlook is having difficulty talking with the mail server, or the mail server is timing-out (i.e. not responding to requests from your email client in a timely fashion).

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First, make sure you are not getting duplicates on the server in your mailbox. That will help determine if it is a server issue or an Outlook issue the mails which got downloaded more than once on your Outlook are duplicates sent by the sender or have been downloaded more than once by Outlook. To do so, simply view your email via Webmail. Next, double check the recipient addresses of the email. You may have been listed twice, or if you have two different email accounts going to the same inbox (such as a forwarded email) and someone sends you the same email to both address, duplicates will occur.

If neither of the above are the case, there are myriad reasons Outlook might be retrieving duplicates.
The reason for Outlook duplicate records could be that Outlook downloaded an email twice from one or more POP servers.

No Tape Backup - Use Cloud Instead

Gone are the days where one would file and store things in order such as files, mails etc. while computing to retrieve it later.

Today with blizzard of emails back and forth and polarization of content all over, thanks to cloud email providers IT department need not worry about it end users mails being deleted accidentally or incidentally. Thanks to facility of auto archival and features like background forward, each outgoing and incoming emails can be backed up and restored on demand.

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Getting a Cloud Based Hosted Email Solution for your Business has it's own advantages -

Enterprise Email Solution provider Experts

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Have you ever thought of what are the most important elements for a small business to be successful? Here is an infographic conveying the success factors of a small business through the essential ingredients of a classy burger -

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Email Hosting - In House or Hosted?

For many organizations, IT is not their core competency; let alone managing email services. Business emails are their critical support mechanism. Most of the times, organizations who have setup in house email services underestimate email's full cost to their organization.


In-house Email Solution


The cost of in house email is not just limited to licensing and hardware cost. It includes costs of staff, maintenance, storage, archiving, mobile email, etc.


1. Maintenance and support


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Cloud Based Email Hosting

Are you still using a non-web based desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook for your business? If yes, then you are definitely missing out on something big that can actually help increase efficiency within your corporate.

And that something big is “Cloud Computing”.

From Wikipedia: Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). The name comes from the common use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams.

How will cloud computing help my business/company/corporate?

Say for example, your corporate or a small medium business has more than 50 to 100 employees.

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What makes your business unique? The services and products you offer, your personal touch with the clients and much more. One amongst this list is the name of your organization.

In the virtual world, too, you need a few things to set your business apart and one of this is having an online identity in the form of a website, which is exclusive to your organization. Just like the name of the commercial setup, you need to have a matching name for your website. This is known as the domain name.

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Creating a website for your business or personal use is a must-have in today’s times. It acts like your online identity and also attracts customers from across the globe. With so many tools available online, creating a site is fairly easy.

First, you need to register your domain name and then host your site. The domain hosting cost could be compared with paying rent, for the space used on the server. You could choose to pay the Web host every month, once a year or even for a few years in advance.

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Create Free Website

Sometime this year, the word ‘digital’ will get knocked off from the term ‘digital marketing’. It’s not just a fashionable term for corporate bigwigs and consultants to drop at conferences in five star hotels anymore. It’s an integral part of marketing. For starters, if you run a cake shop in suburban Mumbai, it’s coming sooner than you expect to your 250 square feet outlet. And if creating a website is just another item on your list of tasks to grow your business, think again. It’s not enough to buy a domain and get a web developer to make a flashy website for you.

In 2013, your website is already the most important source for potential customers to find out about your products and services, the one thing that makes you stand-out from competition and what new you have to offer. Incidentally, using the internet is the most efficient channel to acquire new customers and to retain existing ones. To make the most of your online efforts, it’s prudent that you keep your website up-to-date. I will tell you how to do this, without breaking the bank.

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